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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Original Soundtrack

Release DateJun 23, 2000
ComposersKoji Kondo, Toru Minegishi
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byGeneon Entertainment
PlatformsNintendo 64
ProductsThe Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask


01Title Theme2:13
05Majora’s Theme1:33
06Clock Tower1:39
07Happy Mask Salesman’s Theme0:53
08Clock Town, First Day1:30
09Fairy’s Fountain1:10
10Mayor’s Meeting1:36
11Milk Bar1:27
12Guru-Guru’s Song1:17
13Clock Town, Second Day1:07
15Kamaro’s Dance1:09
17Swordsman’s School1:05
18Get A Heart Container!0:05
19Clock Town, Third Day1:09
20Keaton’s Quiz1:23
21Shooting Gallery1:13
22Rosa Sisters1:08
23Mini Game1:07
24Last Day2:08
25Astral Observatory1:25
26Zelda’s Theme1:41
27Ocarina “Song of Time”0:13
28Ocarina “Song of Healing”0:08
29Song of Healing1:23
30Get The Ocarina!0:12
31Get A Mask!0:08
32Ocarina “Inverted Song of Time”0:12
33Ocarina “Song of Double Time”0:12
34Termina Field1:32
37Game Over0:10
38Open Treasure Box0:11
39Item Catch0:06
40Small Item Catch0:06
41Southern Swamp1:45
42Magic Hags’ Potion Shop1:35
43Woods of Mystery1:15
44Boat Cruise1:56
45Deku Palace2:29
46Ocarina “Sonata of Awakening”0:06
47Sonata of Awakening0:25
48Ocarina “Song of Soaring”0:05
49Song of Soaring0:11
50Woodfall Rises0:07
51Woodfall Temple1:21
52Middle Boss Battle2:08
53Southern Swamp Clears0:19
54Giants’ Theme1:41
55Ocarina “Oath to Order”0:08
56Oath to Order0:26
57Gorman Track1:28
58Horse Race1:34
59Horse Race Goal0:08

Disc length 60:34

01Mountain Village1:46
02Ocarina “Goron Lullaby Intro”0:08
03Goron Village1:34
04Ocarina “Goron Lullaby”0:08
05Goron Lullaby0:28
06Snowhead Temple1:29
07Boss Battle2:14
08Boss Clear0:13
09Snowhead Clear0:25
10Goron Race1:28
11Goron Race Goal0:06
12Frog Song0:24
13Romani Ranch2:20
14Ocarina “Epona’s Song”0:10
15Bremen March0:53
16Ghost Attack1:05
17Event Clear0:10
18Missed Event 10:08
19Cremia’s Carriage1:13
20Missed Event 20:09
21Great Bay Coast1:37
23Marine Research Laboratory1:37
24Pirates’ Fortress1:46
25Zora Hall1:34
26Drums Practice0:25
27Bass Practice0:27
28Piano Practice0:27
29Bass & Guitar Session0:35
30Piano Solo0:33
31Ocarina “New Wave Bossa Nova”0:08
32New Wave Bossa Nova0:28
33Great Bay Temple2:25
34The Indigo-Go’s0:36
35Ballad of the Wind Fish0:20
36Ikana Valley2:10
37Ocarina “Song of Storms”0:08
38Sharp’s Curse1:13
39Music Box House1:46
40Ikana Castle1:57
41Ocarina “Elegy of Emptiness”0:08
42Elegy of Emptiness0:34
43Stone Tower Temple2:00
44Stone Tower Temple Upside-down2:01
45Calling the Four Giants1:43
46Tatl & Tael1:25
47To the Moon0:53
48Majora’s Mask Battle1:49
49Majora’s Incarnate Battle1:50
50Majora’s Wrath Battle2:00
51Moon’s Destruction0:31
52The Giants’ Exit0:38
53The End/Credits6:21

Disc length 59:04

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