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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Original Soundtrack MASTER

Release DateJul 23, 2014
ComposersFalcom Sound Team jdk (Hayato Sonoda, Takahiro Unisuga, Saki Momiyama)
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Published byFalcom
PlatformsPlayStation 3PlayStation VitaPCPlayStation 4
ProductsThe Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel


01Prelude -Age of Upheaval-2:07
02ASHITA ENO KODOU -Opening size-2:23
03Suburban Town of Trista2:30
04Let’s Study1:55
05Afterschool Hours2:43
06Evening Moments2:15
07Leisure Day3:03
08The Mysterious Old School Building4:04
10The Glint of Cold Steel2:27
11Opening The Path With These Hands!0:57
12Return to the Dorms3:23
13Abend Time3:24
14Refreshing Morning2:16
15Across the Railroad2:35
16Game of Blades3:02
17Market Town of Celdic2:31
18Bustling Market1:11
19Skies of a Strange Land4:13
20Tie a Link of ARCUS!4:05
21Trouble Outbreak1:49
22Path of Spirits3:07
23Iron Command2:34

Disc length 63:42

01Verdant City of Bareahard2:35
02Through the Canyon Road3:42
03Vigilant Fighting Spirit2:37
04Whereabouts of Feelings2:48
06Remains Sleeping Underground2:07
07Sound of Rainfall at the Academy2:51
08Brain-racking Test2:11
09Spacious Blue Sky2:35
10Practical Exam2:08
11Don’t be Defeated by a Friend!2:14
12Even if Driven to the Wall2:16
13Failing Marks…1:51
14Lonely Journey1:44
15Land of Blue Skies2:50
16Nomadic Village2:59
17Warm Supper2:24
18The Night Sky On That Day3:08
19Preparation for War1:53
20Into the Abyss3:23
21Secret Maneuvers1:55
22Eliminate Crisis!3:35

Disc length 56:21

02At the Imperial Palace2:28
03Wholehearted Feelings1:40
04Paper-Thin Offense and Defense2:09
05Refreshing Sunlight2:31
06Etude of Twilight0:33
08Vermillion Capital of Heimdallr2:24
09The Comfort of One’s Home1:55
10Sonata No.451:19
11New Companions1:35
12Stardust Cantata1:50
13Lakeside Town of Legram2:13
14Castle of the Saint2:34
15Great Wall of Garrelia2:16
16Atrocious Raid3:03
18Artillery Class VII1:51
19The Red Wings -New Wind-3:28
20Industrial Metropolis of Roer3:02
21Dining Bar [F]1:50
22Machinery Attack2:57
23Silent Exhalation3:00
24To Become the Foundation of an Era4:39

Disc length 61:48

01Not Yet…1:59
02Thors Military Academy Festival3:12
03Mach Five Race!1:37
04To Grasp Tomorrow4:23
05A Great Power5:53
06Gazing at the Flickering Flame3:02
07Opaque Situation3:32
08Requiem for Blood and Iron3:09
09Song of Illusions -PHANTASMAGORIA-3:33
10Risking Everything, Here We Stand3:31
11Unknown Threat4:26
12The Time Has Come1:43
13Awakening Legend2:31
14A Time of Deceit3:04
15The Decisive Collision6:12
16One and Only Hope5:11
17I miss you6:13

Disc length 63:11

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