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Planetary Pieces: Sonic Unleashed Original Soundtrack

Release DateJan 28, 2009
ComposersTomoya Ohtani, Kenichi Tokoi, Fumie Kumatani, Hideaki Kobayashi, Takahito Eguchi, Mariko Nanba
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byWAVE MASTER ENTERTAINMENT (distributed by avex marketing)
PlatformsPlayStation 2Nintendo WiiXbox 360PlayStation 3Mobile Phone
ProductsSonic Unleashed


01Endless Possibility – Vocal Theme –4:11
02Cutscene – Opening5:39
03Cutscene – A New Journey1:34
04Apotos – Day3:19
05Windmill Isle – Day5:03
06Cutscene – The First Night1:03
07Cutscene – Tails In Trouble!0:25
08Intro: Windmill Isle – Night0:07
09Windmill Isle – Night2:54
10Apotos – Night3:03
11Cutscene – To Spagonia!1:11
12Tornado Defense – 1st Battle1:53
13Mazuri – Night2:59
14Intro: Savannah Citadel – Night0:08
15Savannah Citadel – Night3:02
16Cutscene – Same As Ever1:03
17Cutscene – Gaia Manuscripts1:25
18Cutscene – Eggman Again0:43
19Cutscene – Sonic Appears0:13
20Mazuri – Day3:00
21Savannah Citadel – Day3:50
22Cutscene – The Egg Beetle0:44
23Boss Battle – Day4:48
24Boss Stage Clear0:10
25Cutscene – Temple Activated!0:17
26Cutscene – Planet Pieces0:18
27Holoska – Day3:01
28Cool Edge – Day5:22
29Spagonia – Night2:41
30Intro: Rooftop Run – Night0:08
31Rooftop Run – Night3:08

Disc length 67:22

01The World Adventure – Orchestral Theme –4:14
02Gaia Gate1:57
03Chun-nan – Night3:42
04Intro: Dragon Road – Night0:08
05Dragon Road – Night3:10
06Boss Battle – Night4:51
07Cutscene – Eggman’s Idea2:44
08Rooftop Run – Day3:55
09Spagonia – Day2:33
10Chun-nan – Day3:16
11Dragon Road – Day3:08
12Holoska – Night3:18
13Intro: Cool Edge – Night0:08
14Cool Edge – Night2:42
15Cutscene – Project Dark Gaia1:13
16Shamar – Day3:03
17Arid Sands – Day4:01
18Empire City – Night2:56
19Intro: Skyscraper Scamper – Night0:08
20Skyscraper Scamper – Night2:44
21Shamar – Night3:03
22Intro: Arid Sands – Night0:08
23Arid Sands – Night3:48
24vs. Titan & Big Mother2:42
25Empire City – Day2:39
26Skyscraper Scamper – Day3:08
27Stage Clear0:10
28Result Screen – E Rank0:45
29The World Adventure – Piano Version1:28
30The World Adventure – Jingle0:11

Disc length 71:53

01Werehog Battle Theme3:27
02Adabat – Night2:35
03Intro: Jungle Joyride – Night0:08
04Jungle Joyride – Night4:31
05Adabat – Day2:22
06Jungle Joyride – Day5:02
07Cutscene – Chip’s Change0:54
08Cutscene – Chip’s Memories1:19
09Cutscene – No Reason1:46
10Tornado Defense – 2nd Battle1:53
11Cutscene – Eggmanland0:54
12Eggmanland Entrance2:18
13Eggmanland – Day2:41
14Eggmanland – Night3:24
15Cutscene – The 7th Continent0:14
16Cutscene – Congratulations0:39
17Cutscene – The Egg Dragoon0:39
18vs. Egg Dragoon5:28
19Cutscene – Dark Gaia Appears1:56
20Cutscene – Shrines in Flight0:18
21Cutscene – Hour of Awakening0:38
22vs. Dark Gaia3:33
23Cutscene – Dark World ~ Hope and Despair1:10
24Cutscene – The Final Form0:41
25Super Sonic vs. Perfect Dark Gaia3:45
26Cutscene – Annihilation0:23
27Cutscene – Rekindled Light ~ Save the Speech!2:14
28Cutscene – To the Surface1:09
29Cutscene – Always0:40
30Dear My Friend – Ending Theme –6:09

Disc length 62:50

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