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Sonic Lost World Original Soundtrack: Without Boundaries

Release DateNov 27, 2013
ComposersTomoya Ohtani, Takahito Eguchi, Naofumi Hataya, Jun Senoue
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byWAVE MASTER ENTERTAINMENT (distributed by avex marketing)
PlatformsNintendo Wii UNintendo 3DS
ProductsSonic Lost World


01Wonder World – Title Theme –2:59
02Cutscene – Opening1:23
03Windy Hill – Zone13:49
04Cutscene – Eggman & The Deadly Six0:50
05Windy Hill – Zone22:09
06Color Power – Indigo Asteroid0:42
07Careening Cavern3:27
08Color Power – Cyan Laser0:18
09Cutscene – Face-off With Zazz1:08
10The Deadly Six Theme2:25
11Cutscene – The Cacophonic Conch0:34
12Desert Ruins – Zone13:25
13Color Power – Crimson Eagle1:03
14Cutscene – Calling In The Heavy Hitter0:33
15Honeycomb Highway3:03
16Sugar Lane3:41
17Cutscene – Zomom’s Take-out Lunch0:33
18Desert Ruins – Zone42:47
19Color Power – Yellow Drill0:23
20Cutscene – The Rise Of The Six1:06
21Cutscene – Who Got Us Into This Mess?1:04
22Tropical Coast – Zone13:28
23Color Power – Yellow Drill (Submarine ver.)1:03
24Cutscene – A Legendary Master Appears0:40
25Juice Archipelago3:32
26Color Power – Orange Rocket0:10
27Sea Bottom Segue5:43
28Cutscene – Eggman’s Secret Weapon2:24
29Cutscene – Master Zik’s Warm-up0:29
30Cutscene – The Enemy Of My Enemy Is…?1:34
31The Deadly Six Theme (Orchestra ver.)2:29

Disc length 58:54

01Title Screen0:52
02Cutscene – Tails Gets Angry1:09
03Frozen Factory – Zone13:42
04Color Power – Ivory Lightning0:29
05Cutscene – Even A Rose Has Thorns0:44
06Snowball Waltz3:51
07Cutscene – Eggman’s Buttons Pushed1:12
08Double Down3:33
09Tilt The Machine0:50
10Color Power – Green Hover0:21
11Cutscene – Out Of Character0:53
12Silent Forest – Zone14:39
13Color Power – Grey Quake0:27
14Cutscene – It’s A Trap!0:37
15Cutscene – Apathy Meets Disappointment0:40
16Midnight Owl5:06
17Owl Lights2:14
18Color Power – Magenta Rhythm0:50
19Island Relics3:29
20The Deadly Six Theme (Violin ver.)2:25
21Start Your Hedgehogs0:57
22Invincible (Sonic Heroes ver.)0:33
23Speed Up! (Reach For The Stars ver.)0:41
24Lost World Jingle0:08
25Mission Clear0:09
26Item Get Level 10:09
27Item Get Level 20:09
28Item Get Level 30:09
29Item Get Level 40:11
30Stage Clear (Synth ver.)0:11
31And The Winner Is…0:34

Disc length 41:54

01The Lost Hex2:04
02Sky Road – Zone14:08
03Cutscene – Zavok’s Taunt0:32
04Dragon Dance3:53
05Color Power – Red Burst0:25
06Thundercloud Acropolis3:09
07Cutscene – Tails Gets An Upgrade?0:58
08Battle With Zavok (Orchestra ver.)2:39
09Stage Clear0:44
10Cutscene – Eggman’s Sacrifice0:37
11Cutscene – Revenge Of The Six0:35
12Boss Rushes2:13
13Cutscene – Solitude0:23
14Cutscene – Robo Tails Attacks!0:56
15Lava Mountain3:17
16Boss Rushes (Guitar ver.)2:15
17Battle With Zavok4:54
18Cutscene – Eggman Returns0:53
19Dr. Eggman Showdown3:47
20Cutscene – Ending0:41
21Tails Laboratory1:54
22Hidden World2:41
23Hidden World – Cubliclated2:14
24Hurry Up!0:41
25Tornado Time2:58
26Color Power – Black Wisp0:36
27Sky Road – Bonus Stage3:15
28Midnight Owl (Bayou Drums ver.)2:40
29Circus Caravan1:43
30Special Stage3:09
31Super Sonic (Wonder World ver.)1:06

Disc length 62:00

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