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Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Original Soundtrack

Release Date1999
ComposersMasami Ueda, Saori Maeda, Shusaku Uchiyama
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byDigital Youth TV & Merchandising AG
PlatformsPlayStationPCDreamcastNintendo GameCube
ProductsResident Evil 3: Nemesis


01The Last Escape0:18
02Option Screen0:55
03Title Calling0:07
04Her Determination0:57
05The Opening1:32
06The Beginning Of Nightmare1:24
07Is There A Way Out?0:35
08The Great Novelist1:49
09Free From Fear2:34
10Meeting Brad1:10
11Cold Sweat0:47
12The City Of Ruin2:35
13Imminent Slaughter0:28
14Nemesis’ Theme1:19
15Feel The Tense…2:07
16The Front Hall1:55
17The First Floor3:08
18Well Dressed Up1:03
19The City Without Hope3:27
20Watch Out For Your Back1:09
21Carlos’ Theme1:32
22Never Give Up The Escape2:33
23Nicholai’s Theme1:43
24Together For The Escape1:25
26Coldhearted Soldier2:28
27Quick & Fast Relief0:09
28The Common Cure0:11
29Escape To Ecstasy0:11
30Zombies Trespassing0:24
31Free Falling0:57
32Abrupt Gunfire1:12
33Don’t Come Any Closer!1:26
34Complete Rest2:39
35Hero Time2:21
36S.G.G.S. Explosion0:16
37Pride And Valor0:27
38An Impending Danger0:47
39Cable Car Crash0:14

Disc length 52:57

01Ominous Presentiment0:13
02The Clock Tower3:30
03Don’t Lose Courage2:01
04No Rest For The Wicked2:44
05Mysterious Orgel (Correct)0:13
06Mysterious Orgel (Wrong)0:15
07From Relief To Terror0:32
08Menacing Nemesis1:30
09Unstoppable Nemesis1:48
10Bring Back Her Consciousness2:26
11The Hospital2:45
13Almost There…0:24
14Nemesis Again1:42
15Nothing But A Pawn1:16
17The Grave Digger1:47
18The Park2:48
19The Disused Plant2:43
20All Of A Sudden0:35
21The Worst Scenario1:39
22Defiant Behavior0:50
23The Last Argument1:48
24Deservedly Death0:21
25Four Minutes Before The Treatment1:08
26Nemesis Doesn’t Give Up3:25
27Treated To Resurrect0:20
28Missile Approaching3:11
29Against The Chopper1:39
30Emergency Level D3:03
31Nemesis Final Metamorphosis3:40
32The Last Decision0:41
33The Second Chopper (Ver.1)0:12
34The Second Chopper (Ver.2)0:26
35The Second Chopper (Ver.3)0:38
36Euthanasia Of Raccoon City0:58
37Unfortunate Event1:05
38Staffs & Credits2:02
39Ever After1:48
40Title Calling (Arranged Ver.)0:07
41Choose The Best One1:21
42The Doomed City2:42
43Hellish Agony3:01
44Freedom Obtained1:18
45Reward And Result1:13
46CM-1 (Short Ver.)0:18
47CM-2 (Long Ver.)0:31

Disc length 70:05

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