Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Pokémon Omega Ruby & Pokémon Alpha Sapphire: Super Music Collection

Release DateDec 03, 2014
ComposersGo Ichinose, Junichi Masuda, Morikazu Aoki, Minako Adachi, Shota Kageyama, Hideaki Kuroda, Hitomi Sato, Satoshi Nohara
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byThe Pokémon Company
PlatformsNintendo 3DS
ProductsPokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire


01Opening Movie: Setting out on a Journey in the Hoenn Region0:45
02Opening Movie 20:19
03Title Screen: Main Theme1:43
05Littleroot Town1:59
06Birch Pokémon Lab1:13
08H-Help Me!0:20
09Battle! (Wild Pokémon)1:39
10Victory! (Wild Pokémon)0:36
11Route 1011:19
12Oldale Town1:27
13Obtained an Item!0:07
14Hurry Along0:55
15Pokémon Center1:26
16Pokémon Healed0:04
17Trainers’ eyes Meet (Youngster)0:36
18Pokédex Evaluation… Getting Started!0:05
19Trainers’ eyes Meet (Lass)0:29
20Battle! (Trainer Battle)2:56
21Victory! (Trainer Battle)0:37
22Level Up!0:04
23Petalburg City1:13
24Pokédex Evaluation… You’re on Your Way!0:05
25Wally’s Theme1:23
26Route 1041:29
27Petalburg Woods1:27
28Team Magma Appears!0:49
29Battle! (Team Aqua / Team Magma)3:21
30Victory! (Team Aqua / Team Magma)0:23
31Rustboro City2:12
32Trainers’ School1:25
33Obtained a Key Item!0:05
34Crossing the Sea1:05
35Dewford Town2:24
36Trainers’ eyes Meet (Tuber♀)0:34
37Pokédex Evaluation… Keep at It!0:06
38Slateport City2:54
39Oceanic Museum2:31
40Leader’s Theme (Team Aqua / Team Magma)1:11
41Route 1101:23
43Trainers’ eyes Meet (Triathlete)0:27
44Verdanturf Town1:41
45Received a Pokémon Egg!0:05
46Route 1132:25
47Trainers’ eyes Meet (Twins)0:23
48Fallarbor Town1:58
49Cable Car0:13

Disc length 56:40

01Mt. Chimney3:25
02Trainers’ eyes Meet (Hiker)0:38
03Route 1111:35
04Pokédex Evaluation… Not Bad!0:06
05Pokémon Gym1:19
06Battle! (Gym Leader)2:30
07Victory! (Gym Leader / Elite Four)1:35
08Obtained a Badge!0:07
09Obtained a TM!0:06
10A Path We All Must Walk1:23
12Hold on Tight!0:17
13Southern Island1:45
14Obtained a Mega Stone!0:06
15Route 1192:23
16Explosive Encounters! Red and Blue1:13
17Fortree City1:29
18Route 1202:05
20Safari Zone0:50
21Pokédex Evaluation… Looking Good!0:06
22Trainers’ eyes Meet (Gentleman)0:41
23Lilycove City2:03
25Move Deleted0:04
27Battle! (Brendan / May)2:12
29Congratulations! Your Pokémon Evolved!0:05
30Poké Mart1:39
31Pokédex Evaluation… Amazing!0:06
32Mt. Pyre1:57
33Trainers’ eyes Meet (Psychic)0:34
34Trainers’ eyes Meet (Hex Maniac)0:45
35Mt. Pyre Exterior2:34
36Red Orb / Blue Orb0:04

Disc length 43:45

01The Slitherers0:45
03Five Furious Strikes!0:56
04Countdown to Destruction1:21
06Trainers’ eyes Meet (Scuba Diver)0:57
07Team Aqua Appears!1:04
08Battle! (Team Aqua / Team Magma Leaders)2:26
09The Super-Ancient Pokémon Awaken!1:05
11Heavy Rain1:10
12Sootopolis City2:00
13Cave of Origin1:37
14Battle! (Primal Reversion)1:39
16The Eon Flute0:05
17Soaring Dreams2:37
18Soaring Illusions3:09
19Trainers’ eyes Meet (Swimmer♀)0:29
20Ever Grande City2:18
21Victory Road1:48
22Trainers’ eyes Meet (Ace Trainer)1:05
23Rival’s Theme1:25
24The Elite Four Appear!0:53
25Battle! (Elite Four)2:02
26Champion Steven1:07
27Battle! (Steven)2:13
28Victory! (Steven)1:09
29Room of Glory1:15
30The Hall of Fame1:21
31Let’s Go Home1:47
32Ending Theme7:00
33The End3:31

Disc length 59:20

01The Heirs to Eternity1:30
03Sky Pillar1:00
04The Lament of Falling Stars1:59
05Battle! (Super-Ancient Pokémon)1:38
06Battle! (Lorekeeper Zinnia)3:04
07Per Aspera Ad Astra1:29
08Battle! (Deoxys)2:43
09Strains of a New Beginning -Theme of Ωrαs-4:13
10Pokédex Evaluation… Fantastic!0:09
11Obtained a Berry!0:04
12Contest Lobby1:08
13Lisia’s Theme1:08
14Contest Costume Time!0:04
15Pokémon Contest Spectacular: Introductions!1:27
16Pokémon Contest Spectacular: Appeals!1:30
18Contest Victor0:23
19Reached a New Contest Rank!0:05
20Trick House1:36
21Super-Secret Bases1:14
22Obtained Decorations!0:04
23Team Rank Increased!0:05
24Trainers’ eyes Meet (Poké Fan)0:29
25Trainers’ eyes Meet (Street Thug)0:50
26Sea Mauville1:28
27Sealed Chamber1:28
28Battle! (Regirock / Regice / Registeel)1:40
29Pokémon Link1:27
30Time Travel Award0:06
31Pokédex Evaluation… Complete!0:14
32Battle Resort1:33
33Battle Maison1:24
34Obtained BP!0:04
35Battle! (Battle Chatelaine)3:15
36Happy Birthday from the Pokémon Center!2:06
37Victory! (World Champion)3:05
38Battle! (Deoxys)2:42
39Battle! (Frontier Brain)3:11
40Carnival Ludicolo Musical!1:18
41Trick Master ~Tricky Remix!~1:54

Disc length 60:17

01Opening Movie: Setting out on a Journey in the Hoenn Region0:34
02Opening Movie: Double Battles0:15
03Title Screen: Main Theme1:42
05Littleroot Town1:28
06Birch Pokémon Lab0:52
08H-Help Me!0:22
09Battle! (Wild Pokémon)1:29
10Victory! (Wild Pokémon)0:23
11Route 1010:59
12Oldale Town1:05
13Pokémon Center1:03
14Pokémon Healed0:05
15Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Youngster)0:29
16Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Lass)0:27
17Battle! (Trainer Battle)2:19
18Victory! (Trainer Battle)0:31
19Level Up!0:04
20Petalburg City1:04
21Hurry Along0:47
22Route 1041:10
23Petalburg Woods1:04
24Team Magma Appears!0:45
25Battle! (Team Aqua / Team Magma)2:33
26Victory! (Team Aqua / Team Magma)0:26
27Rustboro City1:42
28Trainers’ School1:03
29Crossing the Sea0:55
30Dewford Town1:51
31Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Tuber♀)0:32
32Slateport City1:55
33Oceanic Museum1:47
34Route 1101:03
36Game Corner1:44
39Reel Time0:22
41Verdanturf Town1:14
42Route 1131:38
44Fallarbor Town1:25
45Cable Car0:14
46Mt. Chimney1:50
47Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Hiker)0:35
48Route 1111:13
49Pokémon Gym0:59
50Battle! (Gym Leader)1:46
51Victory! (Gym Leader)1:12
52Obtained a Badge!0:07
53Obtained a TM!0:05

Disc length 53:37

01Route 1191:48
02Fortree City0:55
03Route 1201:32
05Safari Zone0:52
06Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Gentleman)0:42
07Lilycove City1:27
09Move Deleted0:04
11Battle! (Brendan/May)1:44
13Congratulations! Your Pokémon Evolved!0:05
14Poké Mart1:16
15Mt. Pyre1:38
16Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Psychic)0:30
17Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Hex Maniac)0:50
18Mt. Pyre Exterior1:49
20Obtained an Item!0:04
21Team Aqua Appears!0:50
22Battle! (Team Aqua/Team Magma Leaders)2:12
23The Super-Ancient Pokémon Awaken!0:13
25Heavy Rain0:55
27Sootopolis City1:32
28Cave of Origin1:18
29Battle! (Super-Ancient Pokémon)1:29
30Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Swimmer♀)0:31
31Ever Grande City1:34
32Obtained a Berry!0:04
33Contest Lobby0:55
34Pokémon Contest!1:08
35Results Announcement0:37
36Contest Winner0:32
37Sealed Chamber1:04
38Battle! (Regirock/Regice/Registeel)1:28
39The Trick House1:10
40Abandoned Ship1:11
41Battle Tower1:10
42Victory Road1:21
43Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Cooltrainer)0:49
44The Elite Four Appear!0:47
45Battle! (Elite Four)1:47
46Champion Steven0:51
47Battle! (Steven)1:51
48Victory! (Steven)0:53
49Room of Glory0:59
50The Hall of Fame1:09
51Ending Theme2:56
52The End2:23
53Trick Master (Feat. Karakuri King & Karakuri Chorus)2:23
54Slateport City (Feat. Hiroko Takano)3:31
55Steven Stone3:16

Disc length 68:12

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