Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

PIKMIN WORLD Original Soundtrack of "PIKMIN"

Release DateJul 10, 2002
ComposersHajime Wakai, Strawberry Flower
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byEastworld / Toshiba EMI
PlatformsNintendo GameCubeNintendo Wii


02Transport, Fight, Multiply, and Be Eaten0:48
03Choose a Ship’s Log1:18
05A Panoramic View2:18
06The Impact Site6:39
07The Forest of Hope5:42
08The Forest Navel4:32
09The Great Fountainhead7:08
10The Final Trial5:02
11A Gigantic Creature Draws Near1:54
12The Final Gigantic Creature3:28
13Let’s Challenge1:25
14Challenge Results Announcement1:28
15New Record Achieved!0:06
16Onion Discovered!0:14
18Ship Part Discovered!0:10
19Ship Part Appeared!0:06
20Ship Part Successfully Recovered!0:11
21Ship Power-up!0:59
22Ship Complete!0:18
23Night Comes0:29
24It’s My Mistake…0:17
25Today’s Record2:06
26Out of Time, Into the Sink-or-Swim Universe…0:40
27Escape, and Crash…0:16
28I Will Live as a Pikmin…0:39
29Ship Complete, Now to Outer Space!1:01
30Escape, and On to Planet Hocotate!0:58
31The Complete Accident Report1:04
32Those Who Directed This Journey2:24
33The Complete Creature Report5:19
34Song of Love CM Version 10:32
35Song of Love CM Version 20:33
36Song of Love French CM Version0:38

Disc length 64:05

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