Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Mario Kart Wii Platinum Soundtrack

Release DateDec 2011
ComposersAsuka Ohta, Ryo Nagamatsu
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byNintendo
PlatformsNintendo Wii
ProductsMario Kart Wii


01Opening Movie1:11
03Options/License Management0:35
04Main Menu2:28
05In Course Fanfare0:15
06Luigi Circuit/Mario Circuit2:10
07Moo Moo Country2:11
08Mushroom Canyon1:57
09Toad Factory2:33
10Coconut Mall2:17
11DK Snowboard Cross2:13
12Wario Mine2:17
13Daisy Circuit2:13
14Koopa Cape2:06
15Maple Tree House2:22
16Rumbling Volcano2:37
17Dry Dry Ruins2:18
18Moon Ridge and Highway2:03
19Koopa Castle2:44
20Rainbow Road2:47
21First Place Goal Fanfare (Grand Prix & VS)0:07
22Top Goal Fanfare (Grand Prix & VS)0:07
23Top Goal Results (Grand Prix & VS)0:53
24Low Goal Fanfare (Grand Prix & VS)0:09
25Low Goal Results0:43
26Block Plaza2:00
27Aqua Resort2:20
28Funky Stadium1:48
29Chain Chomp Roulette2:20
30Thwomp Desert2:12
31First Place in Team (Battle) / New Score (Time Attack) Fanfare0:05
32Team Victory (Battle) / Ranking (Time Attack) Fanfare0:05
33Draw Fanfare0:05
34Team Victory (Battle) / Ranking (Time Attack) Result0:26
35Team Fail (Battle) / Rank Out (Time Attack) Fanfare0:06
36Team Fail (Battle) / Rank Out (Time Attack) Result0:48
37Mario Kart Channel Menu0:46
39Wi-Fi Menu2:37
40Wi-Fi Match/Ghost Replay0:54
41Winning Run~Get Trophy1:28
42Staff Roll A1:48
43Staff Roll B2:19

Disc length 65:31

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