Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Jak II Official Soundtrack

Jak 2 Limited Run #212: Jak II Collector’s Edition

Release DateJun 2019
ComposersJosh Mancell, Larry Hopkins
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byLimited Run Games
PlatformsPlayStation 2PlayStation 3PlayStation 4PlayStation Vita
ProductsJak II


02Haven Exploration4:30
03Guard Pursuit2:17
04The Fortress3:29
06Praxis Palace3:24
07Empty City2:34
08Onin Challenge2:08
09Arena Race2:39
10Haven Forest3:18
11Forest Dragons2:39
12Strip Mine3:23
13Mountain Temple3:19
14Ram Head Battle2:58
15Pumping Station3:15
16Protect Sig1:53
17Bouncing Boulders2:00

Disc length 48:34

01Weapons Factory2:15
02Exploding Eco2:05
03Mar’s Tomb2:19
04Metal Kor2:03
05Fortress Tank2:05
06Krew Battle2:00
07Baron Battle1:52
08E3 Demo1:43
09Action Jak (Japanese Trailer)2:00
10Haven Action (Demo)2:16
11Haven On The Run (Demo)2:28
12Haven Guards (Demo)1:51
13Haven Tension (Demo)2:20
14Vehicle Chase 1 (Demo)2:24
15Vehicle Chase 2 (Demo)2:06
16Jak Attack 1 (Demo)1:18
17Jak Attack 2 (Demo)1:18
18Bazaar Explore 1 (Demo)2:16
19Bazaar Explore 2 (Demo)3:52
20Bazaar On The Run (Demo)2:18
21Bazaar Epic Tension (Demo)1:46
22Underscore 1 (Unused)0:54
23Underscore 2 (Unused)0:44
24Underscore 3 (Unused)0:43
25Underscore 4 (Unused)0:14
26Underscore 5 (Unused)0:45
27Underscore 6 (Unused)0:34
28Underscore 7 (Unused)0:37
29Underscore 8 (Unused)0:50

Disc length 49:56

01The Light Tower Rises0:52
02The Winner’s Circle1:00
03Krew Makes a Threat0:42
04The Legend of Mar’s Tomb1:39
05The Big Crush0:37
06The Secret to Making a Bomb1:51
07Sneak Attack!0:38
08Floating Away0:18
09Fire in the Hole!0:26
10Strange New World – The Village1:25
11Strange New World – In the Portal0:22
12Strange New World – Landing in the City0:49
13Strange New World – The Baron’s Prison1:33
14The Job Offer1:16
15Krew’s Baby0:35
16Oh Well…0:34
17Keira Reveals Her Plan0:35
18The Big Race0:35
19Brutter Saves the Day0:19
20Meeting Kor and the Kid1:10
21The Underground0:35
22Who’s Behind the Curtain0:45
23Meeting Brutter0:25
24Save More Lurkers0:50
25Good News and Bad News0:44
26Kor and the Kid1:10
27Meeting the Shadow0:57
28Daxter’s Tall Tale0:30
29Pecker Picks a Fight1:10
30Samos and the Seed0:24
31The Vision0:31
32The Time Twins1:29
33Meeting Krew and Sig1:33
34Stone… Gun… Nest!0:46
35Don’t You Recognize Him?1:40
36The Celebration – Metal Kor Defeated1:26
37The Celebration – Ashelin/Torn0:24
38The Celebration – Outside the Bar1:28
39The Baron Confronts Jak0:19
40The Secret Meeting1:34
41Back Where We Started1:24
42It’s Our World!0:23
43Meeting Torn0:45
44The Celebration – In the Bar1:09
45Meeting Onin and Pecker1:37
46Getting the Banner0:35
47Krew’s Sewer Job2:00
48Sig Bares His Soul1:28
49Statue Busting0:27
50The Precursor Stone!1:40
51Jak Finds Mar’s Tomb!1:19
52Sig’s in Trouble0:31
53Sig’s Last Stand0:37
54Meeting Vin0:49

Disc length 51:28

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