Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Jak 3 Official Soundtrack

Release DateAug 26, 2019
ComposersJosh Mancell, Larry Hopkins
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack, Prototype/Unused
Published byLimited Run Games
PlatformsPlayStation 2, PlayStation 3PlayStation VitaPlayStation 4
ProductsJak 3


01Metal Head Hunt2:46
02Mission War3:10
03Leaper Race2:33
04Precursor Subrails3:06
05Stadium Ruins4:40
06Tower Bombs2:31
08Haven City Battle2:25
09Satellite Grid1:16
10Artifact Race4:54
11Harsh Wasteland2:28
12Calm Haven City3:41
13War Factory2:04
14Monk Glider3:07
15Wasteland Run2:55
17Temple Under Attack2:03
18Metal Head Nest2:05
19Spargus City4:17

Disc length 55:28

01Palace Ruins4:42
02Metal Head City3:07
03Spargus Arena2:37
04Eco Mines3:05
05Haven City Chase4:51
06Calm Wasteland3:25
07War Factory (Beta Version)5:10
08Dark Ship Maker3:07
10Haven Thematic (Unused)3:03
11Haven Warfare (Unused)2:04
12Metal Head 1 (Demo)3:30
13Metal Head 2 (Demo)1:41
14Light Speed 1 (Unused)2:23
15Light Speed 2 (Unused)2:59
16Artifact (Unused Variation)2:38
17Desert Predator (Unused Variation)2:24

Disc length 54:11

01Intro Movie Pt. 10:29
02Intro Movie Pt. 20:31
03Let The Games Begin! Pt. 11:25
04Let The Games Begin! Pt. 21:03
05The Arena Heats Up0:26
06Jak Earns A Battle Amulet0:46
07Jak Meets Kleiver0:40
08Jak Meets Seem1:03
09Seem’s Warning0:50
10Kleiver’s Race Challenge0:52
11Damas Sends Jak For Artifacts0:23
12Jak Gets Some Armor0:14
13Daxter Becomes Dinner0:35
14The Day Star Approaches0:23
15Kleiver Hates Metal Heads0:26
16A Face From The Past0:40
17Jak Impresses Damas0:52
18I Didn’t Know My Father1:04
19Jak Gets Another Vehicle0:23
20Jak Is Sent On A Rescue Mission0:18
21Jak Looks Up0:14
22Jak Finds A Glider0:41
23Daxter Gets Hung Up0:11
24Death Surrounds The Crystals0:30
25Sig Can’t Do It0:33
26Jak And Sig Get Punished0:44
27Ashelin Wants Jak To Return0:38
28I’m Through Saving The World0:36
29Mar’s Eco Mine0:23
30Veger’s Twisted Dream1:56
31Sewer Waterslide0:15
32Samos And Keira Greet Jak1:06
33Tess And Daxter Reunite0:33
34Tess Gets Tough0:17
35Torn Has A Mission0:23
36Dark, Dirty, Dangerous0:34
37Jak’s Fist Gets An Upgrade0:20
38Love Sick0:38
39The Ottsel Gets It0:15
40The Big Squeeze0:26
41Damas Bares His Soul0:55
42The Oracle Gives Hope1:09
43Jinx Has A Plan0:32
44Veger Gets Humiliated1:08
45The Big Raid0:34
46Jak Takes Off0:24
47Factory Sky Battle0:21
48Errol Has New Friends0:59
49The Temple Gets Attacked!0:42
50Seem Has A Special Gift0:30
51Welcome To The Clan0:50
52Jak Links To The Dark Ship0:25
53Our Hero!0:17
54Errol Reveals His Plan0:53
55Samos And Onin Show The Way1:01
56Damas To The Rescue0:36
57Find My Son…1:46
58The Strange Gets Stranger2:50
59A Terrible Cargo0:56
60A Hero’s Work Is Never Done0:33
61Crash Landing!0:35
62Let’s Finish This0:32
63Jak Goes For The Kill0:20
64The Heroes Emerge0:41
65The Universe Calls2:53
66Credits Pt. 13:12
67Credits Pt. 23:13

Disc length 53:23

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