Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

The Music of Grand Theft Auto V - Volume 2: The Score

Release DateSep 24, 2013
Arranged byDJ Shadow
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byRockstar Games
PlatformsPlayStation 3Xbox 360PCPlayStation 4Xbox One
ProductsGrand Theft Auto V


01We Were Set Up3:36
02A Legitimate Business Man3:01
03A Haze Of Patriotic Fervor5:38
04Los Santos At Night1:45
05North Yankton Memories4:08
06The Grip3:14
07Mr. Trevor Philips4:31
08A Bit Of An Awkward Situation4:49
09No Happy Endings5:27
10His Mentor1:29
11(Sounds Kind Of) Fruity4:51
12Minor Turbulence4:40
13Chop The Dog4:17
14A Lonely Man3:37
15You Forget A Thousand Things3:41
16Impotent Rage/Am I Being Clear Now?2:11
17Fresh Meat4:09
18Therapy And Other Hobbies0:58
19Rich Man’s Plaything4:12
20The Agency Heist3:27
21Hillbilly Crank Dealers’ Blues5:26
22Welcome To Los Santos (Outro)1:13

Disc length 80:20

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