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FINAL FANTASY IX Original Soundtrack

Release DateAug 30, 2000
ComposersNobuo Uematsu
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byDigiCube
PlatformsPlayStationMobile PhonePCPlayStation 4
ProductsFinal Fantasy IX


01A Place to Call Home2:09
02Memories Erased by a Storm1:16
03The Meeting1:38
04Sky of Alexandria0:54
05Vivi’s Theme3:11
06Sword of Fury2:42
07Vamo’ Alla Flamenco1:53
08Find the Princess3:14
09Court Jesters3:21
10Steiner’s Theme2:27
11Prima Vista Orchestra1:45
12Eye to Eye2:50
13The Fateful Hour0:16
14Thy Warmth0:35
15Tragic Love3:35
16The Evil Within1:31
17Danger in the Forest2:29
18Battle 12:40
20Distant Memory2:27
21Battle 24:05
22Game Over1:56
24Sweet Dreams0:10
25Over the Hill2:38
26Ice Cavern3:00
27Village of Dali2:29
28Beyond the Twilight3:07
29Steiner’s Delusion2:45
30Fleeting Life3:03
31Zidane’s Theme2:47
32Black Waltz1:39

Disc length 72:17

01Cid’s Theme4:00
02Out of the Frying Pan3:10
04A Song from Her Memory1:53
05Festival of the Hunt3:48
06Qu’s Marsh3:17
07Quina’s Theme3:52
08Aloha de Chocobo2:57
09Ukele le Chocobo2:23
10Freya’s Theme3:02
11South Gate2:56
12Faerie Battle2:28
13Kingdom of Burmecia3:55
14Unforgettable Silhouette3:24
15Kuja’s Theme2:25
16The Wavering Blade3:17
17Dark City Treno2:53
18Theme of the Tantalus2:21
19Immoral Melody2:26
20Garnet’s Theme2:40
21Gargan Roo1:47
22Cleyra’s Trunk2:43
23Cleyra Settlement2:21
24Eternal Harvest1:16
25Mourning the Sky2:35
26The Extraction1:16

Disc length 71:16

01City Under Siege2:23
02Rose of May2:34
03Fossil Roo2:31
04Conde Petie3:43
05Black Mage Village3:22
06Unrequited Love3:47
07Before the Altar2:09
08Eiko’s Theme3:36
09Madain Sari, Village of the Lost Summoners3:49
10Eidolon Wall2:31
11Iifa, the Ancient Tree of Life2:29
12Amarant’s Theme2:29
13Devil’s Ambition2:20
15Foolproof Love Letter Scheme2:53
16Tetra Master3:40
17Moogle’s Theme1:56
18Something to Protect2:22
19Light of Destiny2:56
20Master of Time2:44
22Chamber of a Thousand Faces2:52
23Look Back, See the Frog!2:03
24Esto Gaza3:49
25Mount Gulug2:07
26Broken Spell, Healed Hearts2:03

Disc length 71:36

01Aboard the Hilda Garde4:07
02Daguerreo, the Hermit’s Library2:05
03Ipsen’s Castle1:59
04The Four Mirrors2:46
07Bran Bal, the Soulless Village3:11
09Not Alone2:36
10Unforgettable Sorrow3:30
11Another Nightmare2:26
12Silver Dragon3:48
14Crystal World3:44
15The Darkness of Eternity4:43
16The Final Battle6:15
17Star-Crossed Lovers1:32
18Kiss of Betrayal0:28
19I Want to Be Your Canary1:18
20Inseparable Hearts1:22
21Behind the Door2:07
22Melodies of Life ~ Final Fantasy7:35
24CCJC TVCM 15″0:20
25CCJC TVCM 30″0:34
26Melodies of Life (The Layers of Harmony)3:22

Disc length 72:05

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