Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Fallout: New Vegas Original Game Soundtrack

Release DateJan 31, 2013
ComposersInon Zur, Justin Bell, J.E. Sawyer
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byBethesda Softworks
PlatformsPCPlayStation 3Xbox 360
ProductsFallout: New Vegas


01Main Title2:03
02The Doctor Is In0:29
03Howdy Pardner3:55
04Wasteland Justice2:16
05Mutant Massacre4:11
06No Rest for These Bones4:08
07Industrial De-Evolution4:01
08Not My Vault3:58
09Primm and Proper4:03
10Knock on My Cazador4:10
11Jacobstown Ladder3:58
12CCC Doesn’t Work for Free4:02
13Marcus Needs a Favor4:01
14Mountaintop Movement4:05
15Beneath the Streets3:52
16Garden of Evil4:06
17The Courier Walks Softly4:05
18Under the Stars4:03
19TCB in Freeside4:09
20Out of Business3:58
21Subterranean Meltdown4:00
22Rubble of the Forgotten3:55
23The Gangs of New Vegas1:47
24Junkies in the Trunk4:05
25Boys and Ghouls4:17
26The Two Headed Bear3:58
27Battle for the City2:19
28Rocket to Repconn4:01
29Thorn in My Side4:12
30Blood and the Bull4:21
31Hail Caesar4:22
32Righteous Republic4:04
33The Viper’s Sting2:24
34Monsters of the Mojave4:16
35Dam Nation4:05
36Begin Again2:10
37Home on the Wastes2:31
38New Vegas Valley1:59
39Streets of New Reno2:18

Disc length 138:37

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