Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Fallout 4 Original Game Soundtrack

Release DateNov 06, 2015
ComposersInon Zur
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byBethesda Softworks
PlatformsPCPlayStation 4Xbox One
ProductsFallout 4


01Fallout 4 Main Theme3:02
02The Commonwealth4:10
03Of Green and Grey4:46
04Portal to the Past3:37
06Combat Ready2:02
07Deeper and Darker3:45
08Wandering – The Blasted Forest, Pt. 11:29
09Brightness Calling4:58
10Of the People, for the People5:01
11Hope Remains4:19
12Wandering – The Blasted Forest, Pt. 21:58
13Predator and Prey2:06
14War in the Wastes3:09
15Time to Die2:13
17Wandering – The City, Pt. 12:55
18Rebuild, Renew6:11
19Concrete Mysteries4:23
20Tread Carefully4:37
21The Infiltrator2:23
22No Quarter2:54
23Wandering – The City, Pt. 22:28
24The Vigilant3:36
25The Warlord1:43
26Red Brick, Broken4:22
27Lonely Walls4:16
28Wandering – The City, Pt. 33:51
29Regrouped, Reloaded2:06
30V.A.T.S. or Die2:19
31Wandering – The Foothills, Pt. 13:52
32Darkness Falls4:20
33War of Wills3:20
34Wandering – The Foothills, Pt. 22:21
35Only One Survives2:06
36A Critical Chance1:57
37Dust & Danger3:21
38Liberty Lives3:18
39Lost Boston3:58
40Wandering- The Foothills, Pt. 32:27
41Honor & Steel4:15
42We Are Unstoppable2:05
43Dominant Species2:01
44Explore and Discover4:28
45Wandering – The Glowing Sea, Pt. 13:28
46The Stars My Solace4:16
47Imagine Utopia2:52
48Lone Wandering4:23
49Wandering – The Glowing Sea, Pt. 22:05
50The Last Mariner5:24
51Echoes of the Dead2:07
52Enough Is Enough2:17
53Wandering – The Coast, Pt. 11:54
54Humanity’s Hope3:05
55Endless Ocean, Endless Dreams5:33
56No Voices, No Cries2:12
57Wandering – The Coast, Pt. 23:56
58Covert Action3:33
59Rise and Prevail2:14
60No More Sails4:19
61Wandering – The Coast, Pt. 33:33
62In This Together4:46
63Still Standing4:02
64Science & Secrecy3:57
65Fallout 4 Main Theme (‘Spinner’ mix)2:49

Disc length 217:44

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