Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Metropolis Street Racer Soundtrack

Release Date15 January 2001
ComposersRichard Jacques

Game Soundtrack – Unofficial/Gamerip

ProductsMetropolis Street Racer


01. Menu
02. Am I Only Dreaming
03. Bizzare Creations Intro
04. California Demon
05. Club Paris
06. Come On Baby
07. Don’t Wait
08. Falling Angel
09. Freeway
10. Heartland
11. Holding On
12. I Can Still Believe
13. It Doesn’t Really Matter
14. Let’s Get It On Tonight
15. Live Your Life
16. Long Long Road
17. Outside In
18. Overdrive
19. Passion
20. Push
21. Red Line
22. Show Me Your Love
23. Sold Out
24. State Of Mind
25. Think About It
26. Time
27. Tokyo Bonus Track
28. When She Comes Back
29. You Can Love Me

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