Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

JoJo's Bizzare Adventure - All Star Battle Complete OST

Release DateAugust 29, 2013
ComposersChikayo Fukuda
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Unofficial/Gamerip
Rip by: TZA
PlatformsPlayStation 3
ProductsJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star BattleJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012)


01. Opening Theme
02. An Unfortunate Fate (Title Screen)
03. Who Will Judge? (Character Select)
04. A Fitting Time & Place are Necessary (Stage Select)
05. How Does it Feel? (Victory!)
06. OPEN THE GAME (Mode Select)
07. To Live (Story Select)
08. Phantom Blood
09. End of Part 1
10. The Tide of Battle
11. End of Part 2
12. Stardust Crusaders
13. End of Part 3
14. JDiamond is Unbreakable
15. End of Part 4
16. My Killer Queen
17. Golden Wind
18. End of Part 5
19. Stone Ocean
20. End of Part 6
21. Steel Ball Run
22. End of Part 7
23. JoJolion
24. End of Part 8
25. Why Don’t You Come in to my Room? (Gallery)
26. My Proud Collection (Model Viewer)
27. A New Page Has Appeared (Art Viewer)
28. Throughly Listen Around (JoJo Encyclopedia)
29. Lets Make Some Money (Gallery Shop)
30. Only Adventurers Exist (Campaign Mode)
31. No One Can Predict What Will Happen (Campaign Search)
32. Cinderella’s Aesthetic is Absolute (Customize)
33. I Hope to Join in Battle With You (Online)
34. Luck & Pluck (Johnathan Joestar’s Theme)
35. Zeppeli the Eccentric (Will A. Zeppeli’s Theme)
36. Weakling, Weakling! (Dio Brando’s Theme)
37. New York’s JoJo (Joseph Joestar’s Theme)
38. Lonely Youth (Ceasar Zeppeli’s Theme)
39. Light Mode (Kars’ Theme)
40. The Disturbing Esidisi (Esidisi’s Theme)
41. A True Warrior (Whamuu’s Theme)
42. Heritage for the Future (Jotaro Kujo’s Theme)
43. HELL 2U! (Mohammed Avdol’s Theme)
44. Hierophant Green (Noriaki Kakyoin’s Theme)
45. Aggression and Victory (Jean Pierre Polnareff’s Theme)
46. DIO’s World (DIO’s Theme)
47. MEGYAN (Hol Horse’s Theme)
48. Golden Spirit (Higashikata Josuke’s Theme)
49. Surpass my Aniki (Nijimura Okuyasu’s Theme)
50. Does That Mean I Got Stronger Again? (Hirose Koichi’s Theme)
51. Pink Dark Boy (Kishibe Rohan’s Theme)
52. Ultra Super Guitarist (Otoishi Akira’s Theme)
53. Yoshikage Kira Just Wants a Quiet Life (Kira Yoshikage’s Theme)
54. KILL A (Kawajiri Kosaku’s Theme)
55. Gold Experience (Giorno Giovanna’s Theme)
56. Arrivederci! (Bruno Buccellati’s Theme)
57. Go… Sex Pistols! (Guido Mista’s Theme)
58. Volare Via! (Narancia Ghirga’s Theme)
59. His Name is Diavolo (Diavolo’s Theme)
60. I Want to See the Starlight (Jolyne Kujo’s Theme)
61. Kiss of Love and Revenge (Hermes Costello’s Theme)
62. Dawn of Destiny (Enrico Pucci’s Theme)
63. Tusk (Johnny Joestar’s Theme)
64. GO! GO! ZEPPELI (Gyro Zeppeli’s Theme)
65. They Are All Those of Justice (Funny Valentine’s Theme)
66. Then, Could You Tell Me… Who Am I? (Higashikata Josuke’s Theme)
67. Shigekiyo Yangu’s Theme
68. Fugo Pannacotta’s Theme
69. Iggy’s Theme
70. LISA LISA (Lisa Lisa’s Theme)
71. The Long Journey Ends, Goodbye My Friends (Credits)
72. You Just Can’t Hate That Guy (Old Joseph’s Theme)

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