Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Heavy Rain Original Videogame Score

Release DateFeb 23, 2010
ComposersNormand Corbeil
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published bySony Computer Entertainment
PlatformsPlayStation 3PlayStation 4
ProductsHeavy Rain


01Ethan Mars’ Main Theme3:31
02Norman Jayden’s Main Theme4:42
03Before the Storm2:55
04Madison Paige’s Main Theme3:31
05Scott Shelby’s Main Theme6:01
06Lauren Winter’s Main Theme3:07
07Painful Memories1:29
08The Chase (Madison’s Action Soundtrack)1:25
10The Bulldozer (Jayden’s Action Soundtrack)1:34
11High Tension (Jayden’s Action Soundtrack)1:16
12The Fight (Shelby’s Action Soundtrack)1:31
13The Hold Up (Shelby’s Action Soundtrack)1:28
14Looking for Shaun (Mars’ Action Soundtrack)1:36
15Countdown (Mars’ Action Soundtrack)1:33
16Last Breath2:59

Disc length 40:17

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