Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

God Hand Original Soundtrack

Release DateSeptember 14, 2006
ComposersMasafumi Takada, Jun Fukuda
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Unofficial/Gamerip
Rip by: rpgmm
PlatformsPlayStation 2
ProductsGod Hand


01. Be Ready For It! (Title Screen)
02. Gene’s Rock A Bye (Stage 1)
03. Peek-a-boo! (Mr. Silver and Mr. Gold’s Entrance)
04. Sweet Nightmare (Mr. Silver and Mr. Gold)
05. Smoking Roll (Elvis)
06. Come from Dark (A Demon?!)
07. Broncobuster (Deistic Brace Released!)
08. Surrender (You Lost…)
09. Too Hot!!! (Stage 2)
10. Fire Works
11. Yet Oh See Mind (The Three Evil Stooges)
12. It’s A Smile World (Stage 3)
13. Top Of The Humans (Gorilla Luchador!)
14. Sunset Heroes (The Mad Midget Five Strike!)
15. Water Line
16. Rainy Rose (Shannon)
17. Floating Fort (Stage 4)
18. Dark Matter (A Trdent-Wielding Demon?!)
19. Battery Size: AA (Dr. Ion)
20. The Gang Of Venice (Stage 5)
21. Unnavigable Sea
22. Nippy Dog (Ravel and Debussy)
23. Smoke Out (Elvis’s True Form)
24. Bald Mountain (Stage 6)
25. Handsome Dynamite (Tiger Joe)
26. Old Hand (A Psychic Midget?)
27. Poison Queen (Shannon’s True Form)
28. Forgotten Song (Stage 7)
29. Battery Size: D (Dr. Ion Made It To The Desert?!)
30. Please, Mr. Sensei! (Old Master)
31. Fly Flap (Belze)
32. Higher Than Heaven
33. Funk Man! (Afro Fist)
34. Devil May Sly (Azel)
35. Duel Storm (Awakened Devil Hand)
36. Anthem of The Devil (Angra)
37. God Hand (English)
38. God Hand (Japanese)
39. God Hand (Instrumental)
40. The Horror
41. Sultry Night (Casino)
42. Big Hit
43. Chihuahua Soldier (Chihuahua Race)
44. Colonel Chihuahua (You Won!)
45. Hanging Bridge
46. Fork In The Road
47. Which Do You Prefer?

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