Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Unravel Two Original Soundtrack

Release DateMar 15, 2019
ComposersFrida Johansson, Henrik Oja
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byEA Music
PlatformsPCPlayStation 4Xbox One
ProductsUnravel Two


01Start Anew5:19
02Lost and Found6:14
03Rooftop Escape5:08
04Curious Exploration3:54
05Learning to Play3:24
06Hiding from Monsters5:06
07Garden Party4:17
08All Wrong1:18
09Forest Getaway2:20
10Thrilling Chase3:14
11Spooky Remnants3:24
12Quiet Night1:49
13No Words Needed4:57
14Ruins, Overgrown3:33
15Magic and Mischief5:23
16Bright as Day4:20
17Grind Down3:17
18March in Line5:15
19Bits and Pieces5:19
20Crash and Burn Again7:26
21Through Fire For You4:25
22Problem Solving4:09
23Let It All Out6:23

Disc length 99:54

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