Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Portal 2 Soundtrack: Songs To Test By Collectors Edition

Release DateOct 30, 2012
ComposersMike Morasky (Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory), Jonathan Coulton, Kelly Bailey
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byIpecac Recordings (distributed by Fontana Distribution)
PlatformsPCPlayStation 3Xbox 360
ProductsPortal 2


01Science is Fun2:36
02Concentration Enhancing Menu Initialiser2:19
04The Courtesy Call3:38
05Technical Difficulties3:23
07Ghost of Rattman4:05
08Haunted Panels1:37
09The Future Starts With You3:21
10There She Is4:22
11You Know Her?3:12
12The Friendly Faith Plate3:00
1315 Acres of Broken Glass5:01
14Love as a Construct4:59
15I Saw a Deer Today3:15
16Hard Sunshine2:48
17I’m Different4:27
18Adrenal Vapor2:38
19Turret Wife Serenade1:40
20I Made It All Up6:21
21Comedy = Tragedy + Time3:30
22Triple Laser Phase4:18

Disc length 76:34

01You Will Be Perfect2:42
02Halls Of Science 44:37
03(defun botsbuildbots () (botsbuildbots))4:09
04An Accent Beyond3:00
05Robot Ghost Story3:09
06Die Cut Laser Dance2:02
07Turret Redemption Line3:22
08Bring Your Daughter To Work Day2:42
09Almost At Fifty Percent2:01
10Don’t Do It5:18
12Vitrification Order6:32
13Music of the Spheres3:40
14You are Not Part of the Control Group3:26
15Forwarding the Cause of Science3:38
16PotatOS Lament2:00
17The Reunion3:45
18Music of the Spheres 2 (Incendiary Lemons)2:45

Disc length 62:37

01Reconstructing More Science2:39
02Wheatley Science2:30
04Machiavellian Bach4:02
05Excursion Funnel4:31
07The Part Where He Kills You3:25
08Omg, What has He Done?2:26
09Bombs for Throwing at You5:50
10Your Precious Moon1:57
11Caroline Deleted1:52
12Cara Mia Addio!2:35
13Want You Gone2:24
15Space Phase1:35
16Some Assembly Required1:52
17Robot Waiting Room #12:16
18Robot Waiting Room #22:16
19Robot Waiting Room #32:16
20Robot Waiting Room #42:16
21Robot Waiting Room #52:16
22Robot Waiting Room #62:08
23You Saved Science0:48
24Robots FTW3:39

Disc length 66:43

01Subject Name Here1:48
02Taste of Blood3:07
03Android Hell3:48
04Self Esteem Fund3:31
05Procedural Jiggle Bone4:33
06No Cake For You3:55
074000 Degrees Kelvin1:03
08Stop What You Are Doing4:04
09Party Escort4:12
10You’re Not a Good Person1:26
11You Can’t Escape, You Know6:16
12Still Alive2:57
13Still Alive (J.C. Mix)2:57

Disc length 43:37

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