Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Lineage II Chronicles Super Selection

Release DateDec 17, 2010
ComposersJamie Christopherson, Bill Brown, Hyobum Lim, Chihwan Kim, Changbeom Kim
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byNC Japan
ProductsLineage II


01The beginning of Gracia3:40
02Reincarnation of tragedy2:12
03Marching with a kitty1:43
04Star studded night1:46
05The valos festival1:56
06Theme park overture2:13
07Wavy flames1:45
08Abandoned Den3:03
09Conquer the abyss2:28
10Curse of dragon2:32
11Divine right of demons1:45
12Dragon’s sorcery2:22
13Garden of carcass2:40
14Summon the darkness3:02
15The black monk3:32
16The conqueror2:29
17The final decisive battle2:18
18Witching hour2:36

Disc length 44:02

01Apocalyptic divine evil2:10
02Counter Attack2:13
03Crisis in the dead angle2:02
04Exiled birds2:11
05Fury of the victims2:04
06Infernal wings2:15
07Savage blow2:05
08The magot queen2:04
09Through the atmospheric force2:10
10With soul and victorious weapons2:04
11Across the sea of promise1:48
12Edge of the chronicle3:01
13Gate to the eternal temple1:41
14Origin of the tribe1:04
15Revelation from the unknown1:40
16To the evil’s cathedral2:11
17Uprising against the Tyrant1:41
18Ageless Civilization0:36
19Beyond the realm0:45
20Black winter sky0:41
21Blood moon’s guidance0:38
22Finding genesis0:47
23Free from flight0:46
24Over the subterranean twilight1:05
25Return to the old continent0:43
26Sentinels around the seed0:43
27Under the explorer’s sun0:43

Disc length 41:51

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