Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Child of Light Complete Soundtrack

Release DateMarch 24, 2015
ComposersCœur de pirate, Béatrice Martin
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Unofficial/Gamerip

PlatformsPCPlayStation 3Xbox 360PlayStation VitaNintendo Wii UPlayStation 4Xbox OneNintendo Switch
ProductsChild of Light


01. Child of Light for Orchestra
02. Chapter I – The Girl and the Firefly
03. The Shadows of Pluto
04. Victory
05. Ever Wander Under Statues’ Gaze
06. The Horn and the Spear for Chorus
07. Chapter IV – The Deep Dark Well
08. The Bitter Depths
09. From a Flock of Crows
10. Like a Bird Sung
11. Jovial
12. The Light of Jupiter
13. With Hair Argent and Crimson for Piano and Strings
14. Hope is Low for Solo Violin
15. Steamworks for Orchestra
16. Hope is Low for Strings
17. Child of Light in Agitato
18. Chapter VI – Of Mice and Magna
19. The Horn and the Spear for Orchestra
20. Into the Belly
21. The Rat That Plays
22. The Mirror Lightly
23. Umbra
24. Mother
25. Chapter VIII – The Highest of the High
26. A Serpent of the Twilight for Chorus
27. Chapter IX – The Piscean and the Ogre
28. The Sword of Mars
29. Steamworks for String and Piano
30. Chapter X – The Lowest of the Low
31. With Hair Argent and Crimson for Orchestra
32. Air Most Foul
33. A Serpent of the Twilight for Orchestra
34. The Land That Sung
35. Child of Light for Piano
36. The Hymn of Light for Chorus
37. The Hymn of Light for Orchestra
38. Wake Up

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