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Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure Original Soundtrack

Release DateFeb 15, 2012
ComposersTomoya Ohtani, Takahito Eguchi, Naofumi Hataya, Tomoko Sasaki, Kenichi Tokoi, Mariko Nanba
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byWAVE MASTER ENTERTAINMENT (distributed by avex marketing)
PlatformsNintendo 3DSMobile Phone
ProductsRhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure


01Theme of Kaitou R3:34
02The Story So Far…1:03
03Mystere Incident1:00
04The Appearance of Ralph1:36
05Kaitou R Jingle0:12
07Rhythm Game Clear0:11
08Secret of the Crest0:41
09Night in Paris1:50
10Trick of Sound0:59
11Trick of Sound Clear0:07
13Trespassing the Louvre Art Museum1:57
14Time Limit0:54
15The Appearance of Police Superintendent Borduoin1:04
16Escape from the Parisian City Police1:58
17Day in Paris1:57
18A Rendezvous With Maria0:58
19Napoleon’s Theme1:22
20Battle Akuma no Kishidan1:44
21Disappearing R0:59
23Ralph’s Daily Routine0:56
24Leaving the Noble Daughter of the Moon2:08
25Drive Out Akuma no Kishidan1:25
26Escape from Notre Dame0:53
27Infiltrating the Parisian City Police2:12
28The Appearance of Detective Claude1:48
29Advancing Through the Underground Passage1:45
30Napoleon’s Hideout1:41
31Princess Elisabeth and Maria0:54
32Pass the Valet Test2:37
33The Epic Battle of Mysterious Thief Fondue1:54
34Showdown Butler Rowan2:32
35Escape from the Opera House2:06
36Another Decisive Battle Detective Claude1:40
37Claude’s Rematch0:50
38Maria’s Theme0:55
39Ralph Encouraging Maria0:48
40Encourage Maria2:02
41Day in Paris ver.21:58

Disc length 58:52

02Main Menu1:51
03The Secret of the Apartment0:59
04The Father Who Has Gone1:09
05Trespassing the Louvre Art Museum Again1:51
06Pass the Musical Performance Test (Air on the G String)2:36
07La musique dans les monuments2:33
08At the Celebration Grounds0:31
09SHALL WE DANCE? (The Blue Danube)2:13
10Showdown Emperor Napoleon2:33
11Eiffel Tower Battle1:40
12Kaitou R, Defeated by the Assassin’s Plot (Fugue in G minor, “Little”, BWV 578)2:31
13Making an Escape on a Glider2:31
14Infiltrating Elisabeth’s Manor1:52
15Borduoin vs Kishidan1:57
16Hurry to the Eiffel Tower1:51
17Key to the Dragon Throne0:38
18Napoleon’s Speech1:25
19Last Battle Akuma no Kishidan1:40
20Elisabeth Defeated by the Assassin’s Plot1:26
21The Real Akuma no Kishidan2:55
22Stop Heimlich (Fugue in G minor, “Little”, BWV 578)2:01
23Advancing to the Sky Garden2:15
24Decisive Battle Emperor Napoleon2:34
25Storm of Paris1:18
26Hope’s Melody2:06
27Tiamat’s Bracelet, Sparkling Moment1:17
28Inheriting the Purpose2:33
29Escaping the Courtyard Garden2:04
30Paris Festival Victory Song1:21
31Parting from Maria0:57
33Goodbye Kaitou R0:22
34Je te dis au revoir4:31
35Visiting Kaitou R1:06

Disc length 63:59

01Fête de Paris (Je te veux)2:58
02Jump! Epic Meat Battle1:31
03Rhythm Kitchen1:40
04Tomoko Sasaki & Samba Carnival (VAMOS A CARNAVAL!)2:02
05Love Tactics1:32
07Imposter Kaitou R Appears! (Option Remix)2:05
08Imposter Kaitou R Again?2:41
09I Can Dance for You (I Can Die for You~Rapid 60’s Time MIX~)4:15
10Searching for a Sound1:00
11Shop Open0:59
12Legendary Musical Instruments Store0:51
14One of the Best Bodyguards in Paris2:25
15Again! Epic Meat Battle1:43
16Love Tactics The Power of Love1:37
17Restaurant Test2:05
18Fondue’s Wish2:09
19The Bonds Between a Parent and Child2:00
20Solo Music of Illusion2:26
21Je te dis au revoir (Instrumental)4:31

Disc length 42:41

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