Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Release DateJuly 27, 2018
ComposersJared Faber
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byWaterTower Music
PlatformsCartoon, Movie
ProductsTeen Titans Go! To the Movies


01. Go!
02. My Superhero Movie
03. Upbeat Inspirational Song About Life
04. Crystals
05. Shenanigans
06. Go! (Battle Remix)
07. Go! (Remix)
08. Upbeat Inspirational Song About Life (Reprise)
09. Welcome to Jump City
10. Balloon Man Invades
11. Check This Out
12. This is Where They Make Movies
13. Slade Arch Nemesis Suite
14. Chasing Slade
15. Slade’s Master Plan
16. Robin Misses The Titans
17. The Tower Collapses
18. Titans Save The World Suite
19. Slade Becomes Giant Robot
20. Justice League Returns – Saved by Titans
21. Star Labs – Doomsday Device
22. Worthy Arch Nemesis
23. Back to the Future Theme

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