Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Super Eurobeat Presents Initial D Millenium Box

Release DateSep 27, 2000
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byavex mode
PlatformsAnime, Series
ProductsInitial D


01Dave Rodgers – Space Boy 
02Edo Boys – No One Sleep In Tokyo 
03Jilly – Be My Babe 
04Leslie Parrish – Remember Me 
05Man Power – Spark In The Dark 
06Lou Grant – Don’t Stop The Music 
07Delta Queens – Dance Around The World 
08Mega NRG Man – Get Me Power 
09Max Coveri – Running In The 90s 
10Nathalie – Heartbeat 
11Tommy K. – Break The Night 
12Mega NRG Man – Back On The Rocks 
13Leslie Parrish – Save Me 
14Susan Bell – My Only Star 
15Move – Around The World (Dave Rodgers Remix)
01Leslie Parrish – Killing My Love 
02Sara – Burning Up For You 
03Sophie – Lonely Love 
04Dave Rodgers & Mega NRG Man – Night Fever 
05Vicky Vale – Dancing 
06Za-Za – Love & Money 
07Dr. Love – Don’t Stand So Close 
08King & Queen – Dancing Queen 
09Dave Simon – I Need Your Love 
10Norma Sheffield – Maybe Tonite 
11Priscilla – Love Is In Danger 
12Elisa – Lost Into The Night 
13Victoria – Stay 
14Tension – Everybody’s Warming 
15Mako & Sayuki – Wings Of Fire
01Niko – Night Of Fire 
02Dave Rodgers – Saturday Night Fever 
03Go Go Girls – One Night In Arabia 
04Dave Rodgers – Boom Boom Japan 
05Overload – Black Out 
06Mr. Groove – Night & Day 
07Dave Rodgers – Beat Of The Rising Sun 
08Dusty – Rock Me To The Top 
09Mega NRG Man – Take Me Back To Tokyo 
10Fastway – Number One 
11Move – Break In2 The Nite (Dave Rodgers Remix) 
12Various – Initial D Hyper Mega Mix
01Mega NRG Man – Burning Desire 
02Dave Rodgers – 100 
03Dave McLoud – Mikado 
04Valentina – I Love You Like You Are 
05Derreck Simons – Make My Day 
06Mickey B. – Take My Soul 
07Queen Of Times – Ever And Ever 
08Marko Polo – Speedy Speed Boy 
09Sophie – Don’t You (Forget About My Love) 
10Wain L – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 
11Derreck Simons – Station To Station 
12Robert Patton – Big In Japan 
13Mega NRG Man – Burning Desire (New Generation Remix)

01. Speedy Speed Boys
02. Mikado
03. Station to Station
04. Big in Japan
05. Sophie / Don’t You (Forget Aboout My Love)
06. I Like You Like You Are
07. Take My Soul
08. Ever and Ever
09. Make Up Your Mind
10. Goodbye Yellow Brick
11. Burning Desire
12. 100
13. Make My Day
14. Gimme the Night
15. Deja Vu
16. Grand Prix
17. D Vocal Battle Special Mega-Mix

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