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Rhythm Thief & the Paris Caper Original Soundtrack

Rhythm Thief & the Paris Caper Original Soundtrack

Rhythm Kaitou R Premium Live Original Soundtrack リズム怪盗R プレミアムライブ Original Soundtrack
Release DateFeb 12, 2014
ArtistsNaofumi Hataya, Takahito Eguchi, Tomoya Ohtani
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsMobile Phone
GamesRhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure
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1Title Screen
2Phantom R (Short ver.)
3Showtime - Remix
4A Beat of My Own
5Cheering Marie - Remix
6Love Me, Love My Backup Dancers
7The Last Dance - Remix
8Sharp Shooter!
9Bite the Bobbies' Bums!
10Orpheus in the Underworld
11Phantom Fondue - Remix
12Friend vs. Faux
13The Faux Phantom R (Short ver.)
14Rooftop Run Act2 (Short ver.)
15Sneak 'n' Peek
16Ping-Pong Rally
17Throwdown with Alfred - Remix
18Rhythm Game Clear (Short ver.)
19Main Menu (Re-Arranged ver.)
21Paris by Day (Re-Arranged ver.)
22Puzzle Game
23Mini Game #1
24Puzzle Game Failure
25Mini Game #2
26Puzzle Game Clear
27Paris at Night (Re-Arranged ver.)
28Elegant Infiltration
29Looting the Louvre - Remix
30Tango de Fondue
31Cookin' on Gas
32Arabian Knights
33Harder than Hard-Boiled
34Backbeat Battler!
35Twilight of the Chevaliers
36Le Thème Diabolique
37AK Beat Down
38On Dangerous Ground
39A Father's Duty
40Showdown (Harpsichord Concerto)
41Rematch (Badinerie)
42Showdown by Moonlight
43Mission Clear
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